Hawaii Passes Broadest Anti-wildlife Trafficking Law in the Country

Anti-wildlife Trafficking Law pic
Anti-wildlife Trafficking Law pic
Anti-wildlife Trafficking Law
Image: humanesociety.org

An occupational medicine specialist, Dr. Ronald H. Kienitz DO has over three decades’ experience in clinical medicine. Based in Hawaii, Dr. Ronald H. Kienitz DO has been involved with and donated to the Humane Society.

The Humane Society recently published an article applauding the legislative reforms Hawaii has taken to safeguard its endangered animals. Hawaii recently signed the broadest wildlife trafficking ban in the United States, Act 125, into law.

Widely considered the world capital of endangered species, Hawaii has taken a monumental step forward in protecting its endangered species by providing enforcement officials with the resources they need to stop trafficking by completely disrupting the supply chain.

The law took effect immediately, though there will be a delay in the enforcement of its provisions until June 30, 2017, to give individuals and small businesses in possession of wildlife products time to dispose of them. The law, however, exempts musical instruments, bona fide antiques, and traditional cultural practices from being illegal.

With the law receiving the support of hundreds of local residents and support groups, Hawaii joins a growing list of US states that have enacted comprehensive laws cracking down on wildlife trafficking. Others include New York, California, and New Jersey.


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